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Gardening and Perseverance

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Oh, what some dirt, a little sunshine, and rain can do.

They say patience is a virtue! Well, I'm not always patient. But you know what, if you are a gardener like I am, eventually you learn patience. I can't wait for things to grow. It excites me to no end to see those little shoots of green coming up through the soil. You buy the right soil, you buy the seeds, plant them following the instructions about depth and spacing, or not, and in a month or so, voilá there are those tiny green leaves pushing up from underneath the soil. You have actually nurtured them into being.

I smile knowing that soon I'll have broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, beans and snap peas, and more; grown with my two hands through the magic of sunshine, rain, and perseverance. And without pesticides mind you! I really don't know what happened last year, it seemed like nothing would grow. Perhaps nature was suffering from the COVID slump too. But this year, the seeds have taken off like gangbusters. See a sneak peek of my garden below.

A Look At What's Growing

Not only am I growing veggies, but herbs as well. In future blogs, I'll delve into other herbs. Below you can catch a sneak peek of the dandelion. Growing in my backyard are mugwort, lungwort, garlic mustard, plantain, dandelion, bee balm, and more.

My veggies on display (broccoli, snap peas, bush beans, green pepper, and lettuce)


Nope! I'm not just a "weed." You can use all parts of my plant; the flower, the leaves, and the root. I can assist against aging by blocking UVB rays. My oil can soothe skin irritations and nourish dry skin. An oil or salve created from fresh blossoms can be used as a facial oil, ease the symptoms of diaper rash, or act as a sore muscle rub.

To Learn More About Dandelion -- Listen Now

Dandelion Flower Oil

Women tend to keep the vestiges of trauma in their breasts. Dandelion oil can help to maintain healthy breast tissue, soothe tension and anxiety, and improves circulation and blood flow. It is wonderful for aiding the release of tension and deep emotions stored in breast tissue. Through breast massage, we give our bodies much-needed support.

Every spring make a fabulous oil out of dandelion. The blooms last only about 3-4 weeks so the supply is limited. This year's special edition breast oil is ready. This bright sunny flower is waiting to help move your body toward a healthier state. Order your bottle today.

Would love to hear your comments and stories about dandelions, or other herbs you love. Hope you'll join me again.

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Peace and Herbal Blessings,


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