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The Cycle of Life

Foraging For Your Health Along With the Seasons

Herbs grow in cycles along with the seasons. When the insects appear so do the plants that help with the bites, stings, and rashes.

We don't want to give winter a bad rap but this is a time when folks are hibernating, and we may not be eating as healthily as we should. So in the spring, Mother Earth brings forth immune-building herbs to help us along with the fresh fruits, and veggies, we have not had all winter. While frozen from the supermarket is OK, fresh from the garden or farmer's market is always best. The Universe and Mother Earth also provide the much-needed sunshine, rain, and nutrient-rich soil to help them grow.

Welcome Springtime Herbs

Spring is the time when herbalists are foraging, gathering, and making all the needed tinctures, salves, lotions that everyone needs to nourish and heal from the inside out. Spring is a time of renewal. There are several healing herbs that I pay particular attention to.... dandelion, plantain, jewelweed, comfrey, and calendula. These are such wonderful herbs for the skin. Harvested early and dried or infused in oil they are great for healing rashes and itches and bites that may occur during the summer, or all year round. Everyone needs a reserve. Remember back in the day when people put their fruits and veggies up in the root cellar. Well, you can do the same thing but with herbs. Everything old is new again and perhaps it's time you learned how to put up herbal roots, leaves, and flowers and stock your personal apothecary. It's really easy!

The timing of the appearance of herbs is interesting. Immune-building, highly nutritious herbs show up first right after the long winter. Then as these herbs die down, herbs to help with insect bites, itches, and skin rashes appear. Spring is the time to also take advantage of your "spice" herbs like sage, oregano, parsley, thyme, and mint, which help not only to flavor our food but also provide digestive aids and immune-building properties. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. When the flowers disappear from the plants, herbalists know that the plant is concentrating its goodness in the roots of the plant. So in the late summer/fall, it's time to dig up the dandelion roots, burdock roots, turmeric, ginger, and all those plants that help aid inflammation and our digestive system. Dry them and store them away too. Learning to take care of yourself seasonally is easy. However, it does take careful planning. Planting the right foods now can help immensely. Take the time to design a seasonal garden for next year. Need inspiration? There are plenty of online groups that can help you succeed in your journey to wellness.

Would love to hear your comments and stories about dandelions, or other herbs you love. Hope you'll join me again.

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Peace and Herbal Blessings,



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