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Seasonal Tonics

Restore, Refresh and Stimulate Your Body Tonics help to improve and strengthen the functioning of the body. They can also increase a feeling of well-being. Tonics can cleanse, build up the immune system, aid digestion, and more. Making an infusion (tea), or creating a tincture, bitters or syrup are different ways to make a tonic. All of these examples are preventative measures one can use to build health, energy, and vitality.

FIRE CIDER Some of you might have heard of Fire Cider. As the name implies it is quite spicy. There are quite a few recipes out there. And there was even a court battle about who gets to use the name and who owns the recipe. Fire cider can help to clear your sinuses and wake up your immune system. It can ward off colds (mainly because no one will come near you, lol).


Take a teaspoon full every day leading up to the winter months. Watch it boost your energy! See the recipe below for the ingredients I like to use.

The recipe I like to make is a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar, red onions, garlic, horseradish, grated ginger, jalapenos peppers, and honey to taste. Spicy, yes! So for those of you with gastrointestinal issues you might want to skip this recipe.

Fire Cider Recipe:

3/4 cup

freshly grated horseradish

1/2 cup

freshly grated ginger

1 medium bulb of garlic

peeled and finely dice

1 medium red onion

peeled and diced

3 fresh jalapenos (to taste)

diced with the seeds

32 ounces

raw apple cider vinegar

3 ounces (to taste)

raw honey

**These measurements can be adjusted depending on the size jar used. Add all the spices (use organic when available) to a mason jar, add vinegar to cover, and let it sit for a month. Strain through fine cheesecloth into a sterilized jar and sweeten with the honey to taste. Mix the honey thoroughly. Take 1 teaspoon each day.


If you haven't heard about Fire Cider I am sure that you have heard about Elderberry Syrup. Elderberries are known for their immune-building properties. They can aid digestion, and enhance your respiratory system and so much more. The berries are anti-inflammatory, protect the body from infection, and are packed with many vitamins and minerals. The juice can aid a sore throat and help with cough and cold symptoms. Elderberries have some amazing benefits. Too many to list here.

Like Fire Cider there are many recipes online. People usually incorporate the fruit and spices they like into the mixture. I make mine with ginger and cinnamon. Yum! Hope you give some of these recipes a try this Fall and Winter. It will make a world of difference in your health. GINGER TEA I love ginger tea. Ginger is another immune booster. The tea can help to fight off cold and flu symptoms, and indigestion too. Ginger has many body cleansing benefits.

To prepare the tea, scrap a small portion of the root with the side of a spoon. Slice or grate the ginger and add it to a pot of water (enough to make a cup or two). Bring to a boil and let it steep. Don't you love that aroma? The longer it steeps the stronger it will become. Strain it into a cup or mug and sweeten it with honey and lemon. Sip on it throughout the day. Enjoy.

Tip: Incorporating these three tonics into your routine this fall and into the winter will help to ease any cold and flu symptoms. Each one of them has so many health benefits.

Would love to hear your comments and stories about tonics you love. Hope you'll join me again.

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Peace and Herbal Blessings,



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