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Have You Discovered the Healing Powers of Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy can heal from the inside out. But it’s essential to discover what scents work for you. It might take some time, but smell tests are important. Select at least five scents and place a drop or two on a fragrance test strip and take a sniff. What kinds of sensations does it evoke for you? Does the scent hit on a memory? Was it pleasant or not?

Of course, we all know that scents can bring to the forefront memories long hidden. If it was pleasant let’s try to capture that scent and surround ourselves with it. Start with candles (essential oils only, fragrance oils can be toxic in close spaces) or a diffuser. You can use these items daily. Notice any difference? Has your mood changed for the better? I hope so. If so, keep it up.

Some scents are used quite often but they may not evoke the same sensory pleasures for everyone. Some folks think that everyone loves lavender. I’ve found in my business that some folk just don’t love it. Other scents fall into this category too. The trick to healing is to find those scents that resonate with you, your customers, or your clients. If you’re working with clients do use the test strips but don’t let them know which scent is which.

Sometimes we can have preconceived notions about scents. You would be amazed that a scent you didn’t like previously that you lean towards during the testing. And that’s because essential oils from different companies smell differently because of the country of origin, soil conditions, the plant variety, grown organically, elevations at which they were grown, climate conditions, harvesting techniques, and the extraction process. All of these factors can account for differences In aroma, chemical composition, and therapeutic action in the body.

Safety First

Be especially careful if you intend to use the essential oils for massage purposes. The skin is a sensitive organ and some oils because of natural allergens have set dermal limits (the amount of the essential oil that can be used safely in a carrier oil without causing harm) that should be adhered to. Others (citrus oils) can create phototoxicity (being in the sun can activate the chemicals in the oils and cause skin burns). Safety first.

Enjoy the Process

There are several ways that you can enjoy aromatherapy. Try a massage where the essential oil is added to carrier oil. Massage is a long-held practice that can relieve stress, calm, soothe and uplift the mind and body. Treat yourself to an aromatic bath where the essential oils can be added to milk or carrier oils and added to the bathwater. You can also place a few drops on a tissue, or q-tip, or on your pillow at night and just inhale it. Add a few drops of oil to the water in a diffuser or create a special blend combined with alcohol, witch hazel, or distilled water and spray it in your rooms.


Explore the wonderful world of aromatherapy. Find out what scents resonate with you. Learn which oils have an affinity for certain body systems and can help to alleviate certain conditions. Treat yourself to a few high-quality oils and begin your healing journey.

Peace and Herbal Blessings,



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